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How to choose the perfect wine gift for Christmas

Struggling with Christmas gift ideas? Read our guide on why wine makes the perfect Christmas gift and how to choose the perfect bottle.
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Shopping for Christmas gifts for picky friends and family members can be tough and if you’ve left your festive shopping to the last minute you may be at a loss as to what that perfect gift should be.

Wine is often an underrated gift for Christmas, but investing in a fabulous bottle of wine can be a thoughtful choice, particularly for recipients that are hard to please.

Why wine makes the best Christmas gift

Spending time selecting a carefully considered bottle can go a long way with friends and family.

A well-chosen bottle can go down well as a gift to be enjoyed while sharing a special moment with those close to you during the festive period. A good bottle of wine will last well too. It’s not a gift that needs to be consumed immediately. It can be saved and opened to mark a future special event.

How do you add a personal touch that makes the gift of wine special?

Many wine brands create special gift packs for the festive season, which takes the hard work out of packaging your gift. Alternatively, look for a bottle with a unique design or striking label that resonates with the person you’re buying. 

Selecting a bottle made from a small-batch winery makes your gift unique. Choosing a vegan wine or a one made by a company that puts sustainability at its heart all adds to making your wine gift a personalised choice.

Choosing the perfect wine gift for Christmas

Whether you are a wine connoisseur or not, you can still choose the perfect wine gift for your loved ones this Christmas.

Catbird Seat is a great example of the best red wine to gift
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Consider the tastes of who you’re buying for

Take a minute to think about their tastes – for example, what wines do they normally drink? Do they opt for sweet or dry wines? Robust reds or zingy whites? Having a good idea of what your recipient usually enjoys can be a great starting point for choosing something special for their gift. You could select a higher-end premium option of a grape variety or blend that they enjoy, making it a special gift.

Consider their favourite foods

Different wines pair well with different cuisines and dishes, so a good starting point when choosing a wine gift for Christmas is to think about the favourite foods of the person you’re buying for.

For someone who loves seafood dishes, Chardonnay wines or Riesling wines pair beautifully with these more delicate dishes. You might consider bold Shiraz wines if you’re buying for a BBQ fanatic who loves red meat.

Types of red wine

Still undecided? Consider choosing a popular style that many people enjoy. Red wines are an excellent choice as they ooze opulence and style

The best red wines to gift include:

Want to choose more than one red wine? Try our RedHeads Reds Trio gift set.

Choose a stylish label

When choosing a wine gift, an unusual or particularly striking label may help personalise the gift more. What’s inside the bottle is what really counts, but a unique label can add that special something to a gift, such as our RedHeads wines with their stand-out labels.

Enjoy The Red Sedan wine as a gift
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Try a wine club subscription

A wine club subscription is a great gift idea for wine lovers who enjoy a variety of wines.

With the option to choose your bottles or allow the experts to curate the ultimate box, wine club subscriptions give the gift of choice to those who enjoy broadening their tastes with specially chosen wine delivered straight to their door.

Be adventurous with your gift of wine

There’s comfort in what you know, but gifting a wine they already drink can be too easy an option. Choosing wine as a gift means you can offer your loved ones the chance to explore new wines from around the world.

Make the gift of wine a little more unique and choose an unusual, small-batch wine for them to try.

Gift a selection

A gift set of wines can be a great choice as it offers a selection for your loved ones to try over time, and you may find they’re special offers on sets to take advantage of.

Our RedHeads Trio gift set makes for a thoughtful Christmas gift to suit any wine lover. Offering a variety of wines, give those close to you a chance to try three award-winning boutique wines made from a blend of popular grape varieties.

Take your time

When picking wine, there’s a lot to choose from, so take your time selecting a special bottle. Familiarise yourself with wine varieties and unique blends to help you choose the best one for the person you’re buying for.

For more tips on buying wine gifts all year round, read our guide on choosing wine gifts like a pro.