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How to create the perfect Valentine’s day menu

Craft the perfect Valentine's Day menu with our deliciously romantic suggestions.
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Is that love in the air, or is it the smell of a delicious Valentine’s Day meal?

Food is a great way to show how much you care for someone – from cooking their favourite food to simply cooking together and sharing a bottle of wine. And what better way is there to show your significant other your undying devotion than rustling up the perfect meal on the most romantic night of the year?

If a stay-in date night is on the cards for February 14th, cooking up the perfect Valentine’s Day menu doesn’t have to dampen the amóre. We’ve pulled together the most romantic, mouth-watering Valentine’s Day menu ideas from us to you with love; all you have to do is set the scene and show up.

The perfect Valentine’s Day menu



A Valentine’s Day menu classic.

They’re not pretty, but oysters always appear at this time of year thanks to their rumoured aphrodisiac qualities. Typically served raw, oysters are also delicious cooked – try whacking them under the grill topped with a teaspoon of chilli butter for a delightful single mouthful.

Shellfish and wine are culinary friends with benefits, but which wine should you serve with oysters? Our Triplex Sauvignon Blanc is rich and creamy with hints of citrus and spice – the perfect accompaniment for this delicate dish.

Cheese and charcuterie board

Sharing food is a great way to feel closer to your loved one, and what better way than over a delicious platter of meat, cheese, crackers, fruits and chutneys?

Make things trés interesting with a range of meats and cheeses from across the globe with different textures and flavours (but maybe avoid the Camembert this year.)

Wine and cheese are lifelong partners, so a wine that compliments the many textures and flavours of cheese but also works with succulent, sweet fruits and savoury chutneys is essential. Step forward our very own Harmonie Rox Chardonnay – buttery, citrusy, and lightly spiced and partners beautifully with cheese and charcuterie.

Roast veggie puff pastry tarts

Savoury and warming, you can make puff pastry tarts in less time than you think.

Chop veggies like onion, pepper, parsnips and squash and roast them off before dividing them into your ready-made puff pastry cases. As they start to crisp up, chuck on a few rounds of goat’s cheese and theatrically drizzle with honey before finishing them off in the oven.

Pair with a glass of our Shiraz-based Coco Rôtie – its smokey, dark fruit and chocolate flavours help lift this dish.

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Spaghetti aglio e olio

Perfectly cooked pasta tossed in garlic, olive oil and red chilli makes a light but punchy Valentine’s Day main course. Simple and delicious, this dish can be whipped up in 15 minutes flat, meaning there’s less time spent in the kitchen and more time to spend with your partner.

The chilli packs a warm punch, so offset the heat with our medium to full-bodied Catbird Seat Cabernet Sauvignon, with hints of soothing menthol.

Beef Wellington

Impress your date and show off your skills in the kitchen with this classic dish.

Rare beef fillet wrapped in layers of mushroom duxelles, crepes and flaky puff pastry, served with steamed greens and buttery mashed potato, is as delicious as it sounds.

Pair this luxurious dish with a bottle of our Esulé ‘Woman with a Gun’ McLaren Vale Cabernet blend – its flavours of black fruits and dark leaves only add to its earthy, exotic taste.

Green risotto

Light, creamy and moreish, risotto is a versatile Italian classic that belongs on every Valentine’s Day menu.

Build your dish’s flavours with greens such as asparagus (we’re layering on the aphrodisiacs, here), peas and baby spinach for a delicious dish. Add a squeeze of fresh lemon for some extra zing.

You don’t want to drink a rich or heavy wine with this dish, which is why our Blue Belle Semillon is a perfect choice. Dry and beautiful pale gold, its lightly floral, rounded flavours won’t overpower the risotto.


There could only be one choice when it comes to Valentine’s Day dessert – chocolate.

Studies have shown that chocolate contains phenylethylamine – a stimulant released by the brain when people fall in love. Chocolate can scientifically put you in a romantic mood!

Chocolate and berries are a classic combination, the most popular being cherries and strawberries. If you love dessert more than your date and don’t like to share, an indulgent molten chocolate pot topped with sliced red fruits would be the perfect way to round off the evening.

But if sharing is on the table, chocolate fondue is a grand finale for a Valentine’s Day menu. It’s intimate, fun and customisable, and you can dip whatever you want – marshmallows, fruits, pastries. If you can name it, you can dip it.

Pair this chocolatey course with a glass of our full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon Whip-Hand, with cassis and toasty vanilla flavours, for a guaranteed happy ending.

Share the love with Valentine’s Day wine gifts

Even if you can’t be with the one you love on Valentine’s Day, that doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate.

With many varieties and flavours, wine can make a great personalised Valentine’s Day gift. Sendable in the mail or available for delivery from online shops like Laithwaites, why not schedule a Zoom dinner date and enjoy your own bottles? Or why not have a bottle delivered to your friends and family to show them how much you care and appreciate them?

Share the love with a gift of RedHeads this Valentine’s Day – romance has never tasted so good.