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Touriga wins TROPHY at the Barossa Wine Show

Our 2022 Studio Bar Touriga, grown from our own vineyard has won a TROPHY at the 2023 Barossa Wine Show!

Cabernet Sauvignon vs Shiraz

If you’re wondering how Cabernet Sauvignon vs Shiraz compare, we’ve broken them down to help you decide which is the reigning red champion.

How to host a wine tasting at home

Thinking about hosting a wine tasting at home? Read our simple guide on how to taste wine and prepare for a wine tasting party!

How to decant wine, and is it necessary?

Explore the science of decanting wine in our helpful guide – learn how to decant wine, why you should do it, and how it enhances flavour.

Dinner in the Dark

What’s the right temperature to serve every type of wine?

To ensure your wine preserves all its lively character and flavour, read our guide to learn the best serving temperature for all wine styles.

A guide to wine colour and what it can tell you

Discover the world of wine colour with our guide to the vibrant hues of red, white, and rosé wines. Discover what your wine’s colour means.

Wine storage temperature guide

Need to know how to store wine correctly? Find out the ideal white and red wine storage temperature and how to keep your wine at its best.

What does full-bodied red wine mean?

Never quite sure what’s meant by full-bodied red wine? Learn what wine body means and how to make the most of your full-body red wines.

What to expect at a cellar door tasting

Want to do a cellar door tasting, but not sure what to expect or how they work? Let us break it down for you.

Cheeseboard ideas – how to create the ultimate cheeseboard

Looking for cheeseboard ideas to wow your guests? Here’s our ultimate guide to creating a cheeseboard and the perfect RedHeads wines to pair with it.

10 pro tips every BBQ novice should know

Want to be a master of the grill? Check out our 10 BBQ tips for beginners, from setting up your grill to preparing your BBQ meat.