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Christmas wine and food pairings

Not sure which wine to pair with your Christmas dinner? Read our guide to discover which wines are the perfect pairings for Christmas.

How to choose the perfect wine gift for Christmas

Struggling with Christmas gift ideas? Read our guide on why wine makes the perfect Christmas gift and how to choose the perfect bottle.

The bluffer’s guide to wine – how to sound like a wine expert

Our bluffer’s guide to wine will give you all the key terms needed to make you look and sound like a wine pro.

An introduction to fruity red wine

Fancy a vibrant red that isn’t so full-bodied? Fruity red wines are lighter than their bolder counterparts, perfect for sipping in the sun.

RedHeads sweeps the field at Winestate Magazine ‘Best of 2022’ awards

RedHeads Wine scores four Top in Category awards with a further three wines Eligible for Wine of the Year in the 2022 Best of Awards for Winestate Magazine.

Choosing the best red or white wine for any occasion

From brunch to BBQs or something special for a mate’s night in, choosing the best red or white wine is not as scary as it sounds.

RedHeads Studio Session – 15 October 2022

A Saturday afternoon in the Barossa with RedHeads Wine, LIVE MUSIC and Delicious Food.

How to choose wine gifts like a pro

Learn how to choose the perfect wine gifts – from fussy foodies to outdoorsy types – plus expert buying advice with our guide.

Easy red Sangria recipe

If you want to live your best laidback, beach-vibe life, then you should know how to make sangria − perfect for friends, BBQ’s and festivals.

What is Shiraz wine?

Syrah, Shiraz? What is it and what’s the difference? Here’s our guide to Shiraz wine for all you wine lovers out there.

What is organic wine (and why you need it in your life)

Looking for organic wines and want to learn more about what it is, how it is made and where to buy? Read our expert guide to organic wine.

BBQ drinks guide: best red wine for barbecues

Forget rolling out humdrum beer and cider for BBQ drinks. Add extra sizzle with our guide to the best white and red wine for barbecues.