Grape Varieties


Durif is a lesser-known variety of red wine grape grown primarily in Australia, California, South Africa and Israel. A natural cross between two other varieties – Syrah and Peloursin – it produces dark, bold varietal red wines. Well-rounded and juicy, Durif is also a popular grape used in blends.

Where is Durif grown?

Originating in the Rhône Valley in France, Durif is the result of a natural cross-pollinating Syrah and Peloursin grape varieties. Introduced to California in the 1880s as Petite Sirah, it has become the state’s signature grape variety. Thriving in warmer climates, Durif has also made a firm home in Australia and flourishes in regions across South America.

Durif wine style and character

Durif produces full-bodied inky-black wines packed with rich fruit flavours like plums, blueberries and cherries. Durif wines are noted for their relatively high acidity and a massive load of tannins. The result is that Durif wines are surprisingly high in alcohol (around 14%) compared to many other varieties.

Our best Durif wines

Tasting notes

Expect notes of dark chocolate, coffee, blackberries and blueberries, menthol, plums and black pepper. Ageing Durif in oak barrels can soften the more robust flavours and bring out more subtle spiced hints.

Food pairings

Because of its high alcohol content and big, bold flavours, Durif pairs well with hearty, spicy dishes, especially those with red meat such as beef stews, slow-cooked pork shoulders and curries.

If spice isn’t your thing, something a little sweeter also pairs well. Glazed ham and sticky ribs work well with Durif. The tannins in the wine cut through too-sweet tastes, creating a balanced combination.

How to serve

Durif is best served around room temperature or slightly cooler – between 10-12°C. Serve it cooler, and you risk losing out on the whole flavour experience, so keep it out of the refrigerator or at least remove it sometime before drinking.

A large glass with a tapered rim allows Durif wines to develop their aromas and flavours.