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Mataro, also known as Mourvédre and Monastrell, is a red grape variety. Robust and bold with high acidity, alcohol and tannin, it’s the perfect grape variety for blending, though it is used for single-varietal wine, fortified wine and rosé. The sultry red wine grape originates from Spain but has a long history in France and Australia.

Where is Mataro grown?

The Mataro grape is grown across the world, but more notably in the regions of:

  • Australia (South Australia and New South Wales)
  • France (Rhône and Provence)
  • Spain (Valencia, Jumilla and Yecla)
  • The United States (California)
  • South Africa

Mataro wine style and character

Mataro is a black grape variety producing medium to full-bodied red wine brimming with dark fruit flavours and notes of spice.

They’re often high in alcohol and tannins, with medium to high acidity. The style and character of Mataro wines make them an excellent grape variety for blending, especially for adding weight to Grenache wines.

Our best Mataro wines

Tasting notes

Mataro wines offer a complex array of soft fruit flavours – blackberry, blueberry, raspberry, cherries and plums, and subtle hints of spices such as Chinese five-spice and black pepper. Floral notes of violets and lavender are also present, as are liquorice and cocoa aromas.

As Mataro ages, earthy notes of truffles and leather emerge.

Food pairings

The rustic notes of Mataro wines bring a Mediterranean vibe with each mouthful.

Mataro wines can handle meaty, hearty and rich dishes thanks to their robust nature. With the earthy and savoury notes of the wines, you can pair them with roast or grilled game and red meat without overpowering one another.

Wines created using Mataro grapes also pair well with comforting and warming food like stews and casseroles, especially if smothered in gravy-type sauces. Or, for vegetarians, a veggie stew with mushrooms and lentils will make a stellar pairing.