Grape Varieties


Nebbiolo is one of Italy’s premier grape varieties, famous for its role in the great reds of Barolo and Barbaresco. Nebbiolo is a dark-skinned grape producing medium to full-bodied red wines with a robust, fruity flavour.

Where is Nebbiolo grown?

Originating from Northern Italy’s Piedmont region, the Nebbiolo grape is only just establishing itself in other wine regions across the world. The grape is a difficult variety to grow. It flowers early and ripens late. While not produced in significant amounts, Nebbiolo is grown in countries including Australia, Mexico, Chile and South Africa.

Australian regions that cultivate Nebbiolo include:

  • Adelaide Hills
  • King Valley
  • Yarra Valley
  • Alpine Valley

Nebbiolo wine style and character

This classic Italian dark-skinned grape produces red wines that are surprisingly pale in colour yet full-bodied and complex on the palate.

Nebbiolo red wines have high acidity and tannins and can be high in alcohol (around 12.5-14.5%).

Our best Nebbiolo wines

Tasting notes

Nebbiolo wines have an aroma of violets, roses and cherries. Its intense fruitiness bursts with flavours of bright red fruits like plums, cranberries, raspberries and pomegranates, joined by aromas of tar, clay and anise.

The taste of Nebbiolo is influenced by its age and the ageing process itself. Young Nebbiolo is often a pale red with aromas of tar and rose. When aged, Nebbiolo turns to an orange hue, becomes velvety smooth, and a host of complex flavours develop, including violets, tar, cherries, raspberries, tobacco and prunes.

Food pairings

Nebbiolo wines pair well with fatty foods that balance its high tannin level. Hearty meat dishes like ribeye steak, burgers and braised duck work well. Wines from Nebbiolo grapes have violet, tar and rose aromas which also pair well with creamy cheeses like burrata, goat’s cheese and gorgonzola.

How to serve Nebbiolo wine

Nebbiolo wines are best served just below room temperature (around 12-15oC) to balance their freshness while revealing their flavours.

You can serve Nebbiolo in an aroma collector glass. The glass’s angle closes near the top, catching the wine’s beautiful aromas.