Grape Varieties


Sagrantino grapes are a red grape variety native to Umbria, central Italy. It is used as a blending agent as well as a grape to produce varietal wines that are dark, bold and striking. New World winemakers in the USA, Argentina and Australia have adopted the grape variety and have further unlocked its potential.

Where is Sagrantino grown?

The grape variety is indigenous to the mountainous region of Umbria in Italy, but other areas planting the grape include Australia, Argentina and USA.

In Australia, Sagrantino grapes are grown in several of the warmer Aussie regions, including:

  • McLaren Vale
  • Barossa Valley
  • King Valley
  • Coonawarra

Sagrantino wine style and character

Sagrantino black grapes produce dry, deep purple, full-bodied red wines with medium to high acidity.

The thickness of the grape’s skins explains the wine’s extraordinarily high tannin level, which means that Sagrantino wines are suited to ageing.

Our best Sagrantino wines

Tasting notes

Sagrantino wines deliver deep fruit flavours of black plum, blackberry and cranberry along with black tea, olive, cinnamon and pepper notes. When aged, expect smoky and earthy undertones with notes of tobacco, leather and liquorice.

Food pairings

Sagrantino wines pair perfectly with succulent, meaty and earthy dishes – perfect alongside a roast dinner or summer barbie.

Tannic wines made with Sagrantino grapes pair best with rich, fatty dishes that will help soften the tannins.

Try pairing Sagrantino wines with meaty sausages, thick-cut steak or stew. Meat is not the grape variety’s only ideal food pairing, it’s also a great match with hard cheeses and any dishes with truffles.

The earthy aromas of Sagrantino wines match excellently with mushroom dishes. Try pairing a glass with a wild mushroom risotto.

How to serve

Sagrantino wines are best served between 15-20°C. Serving these red wines at a lower temperature will dull any flavours and aromas. Enjoy in an oversized glass to allow the wines to breathe more and taste even better.