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Our blended wine

What is blended wine? How is it made? Learn about why blended wine is important to the RedHeads story and how we make our unique blends.

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Creating complex, exciting and oh-so-delicious wines for our customers is what makes us RedHeads – something unique that you simply can’t find elsewhere.

Our delicious, small-batch blended wines liberate grapes grown across South Australia by small, local growers to make our wines.

But what is a blended wine, and how is it different from the humdrum, boring wines you find on supermarket shelves?

What is blended wine?

Blend or blended wine combines two or more different grape varietals – think classic combos like Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot or Pinot Noir and Shiraz.

We pair up our grape varieties for several reasons, including tapping into complementary flavours, filling in missing characteristics, and having a little fun.

The result? Unique, flavoursome wines that take your enjoyment further than before.

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What is the RedHeads blended wine-making process?

From wine lovers to casual weekend drinkers, we blend for everyone.

Our process begins in the vineyards.

We know our growers and their style, so we’ve built a whole encyclopedia on their grapes’ characteristics. Everything moves into our winery directly from growers across South Australia, and that’s where the magic begins.

To ensure we find the perfect balance between varietals, we only blend our wines after fermenting them. We even ferment our wines at different temperatures to adjust their flavours and create unique pairings.

We store our wine in a mix of American and French oak barrels – both new and seasoned – and we ensure we take on the challenging task of trying our wine straight from the barrels so we can match up any missing pieces to create seamless masterpieces at the right ratios.

How our blends differ from other wineries

What makes RedHeads’ wines different from other brands is down to one thing: our unique Barossa Valley environment.

Across South Australia’s regions, there’s a range of climates and land for grapes to grow.

Temperature, moisture, soil type and elevation all affect the quality and flavour of the grapes. And because we free grapes from all over South Australia, we can craft unique tastes you can’t find elsewhere.

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Why do we blend wine?

Nothing goes to waste

The last thing we want is to throw away any grapes with so much potential.

By making blended wine, we can use all the grapes that come our way to create complex, interesting wines while also keeping waste low – a priority here at RedHeads.

Creating the perfect balance

Combining grape varieties allows us to find the perfect balance for our wines.

Being a smaller winery, we can experiment with new combinations, getting down to the nitty-gritty to create wines designed to keep surprising our customers.

If you drive by RedHeads late at night, you can often hear us hard at work conjuring up inventive wines that we think you’ll love.

Better quality

By blending different grape varieties, we create high-quality and complex blended wines. And because we work on a small scale, we spend our time perfectly crafting them rather than sitting in a stuffy boardroom. More craft, less paperwork.

Naturally, we take the time to taste our wines (thoroughly) to make sure they have a perfect balance.

We love our blended life at RedHeads and hope you will too.