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Whip-Hand Cabernet Sauvignon


Rich, bold-fruit Cabernet – more Californian in terms of ripeness and power than elegant Bordeaux.


The path to the glorious vine is sometimes more than the expected sufferings of the soul. He lost it all; the job, the house, the girl. Searching over the rolling hills, hectares of heat searing thirst; some would have given up, wishing that vivid dream of 99 points wasn’t so far away.

Our blue eyed boy has a different tale to tell. His search led to the glorious vine. Not just any vine, but the Master Frank of Vine, yes that’s right the true Whip-Hand of all things wine. Life’s sweet, forget the rest.

Our aim: a rich, bold-fruit style – away from European lines and more akin to California’s ripe notes, yet done with Aussie originality and flair.


  • 2014: 3x GOLDS
  • 2015: 2x TROPHIES, 4x GOLDS, 94 POINTS from Halliday Wine Companion, 91 POINTS from Decanter
  • 2016: 1x DOUBLE GOLD, 2x GOLDS
  • 2017: 3x GOLDS
  • 2018: 2x GOLDS

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Grape Region

Barossa Valley

Grape Variety

Cabernet Sauvignon

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