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Wilson Gunn Pax Grenache / Shiraz / Mataro


Once all the rage, the GSM blend was a victim of fashion … only to be revived here in this luscious, full-fruit, oaked version from Parker-rated Henry Laithwaite.


Of Scottish descent, Wilson Gunn brings out the bellicose side in winemaker Henry Laithwaite as he battles to revive the once-fashionable blend of GSM.

Not every vintage, mind, only when the grapes are tip top and demand it and then it brings peace – Pax – once more.

Indeed, in reality, it’s Henry’s Scottish side of the family that inspired his label – the Wilsons, related to the Gunns, and that, of course, brought on ideas of battles, war… and in this case, tranquility.

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Grape Region

Barossa Valley

Grape Variety

Grenache, Mataro, Shiraz

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