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Adelaide Hills

Adelaide Hills is one of South Australia’s most popular and beautiful wine regions. Only a stone’s throw from Adelaide, the cooler climate of the Adelaide Hills wine region lends itself to the production of a delicious variety of wines.

The Adelaide Hills wine region is just a 20-minute drive from the heart of Adelaide, South Australia.

Situated in the Southern Mount Lofty Ranges, it’s one of the oldest wine regions in Australia and bursting with natural beauty. Adelaide Hills’ viticulture roots stem from the 1870s when the first vines were planted.

However, due to the challenges of the cool climate for winemaking, vines were removed by the 1930s. In 1979, winemaker Brian Croser helped rebirth the wine region by planting Chardonnay and then other grape varieties that loved the cool climate. Other winemakers followed him, leading to the area’s current popularity.

Today there are around 100 producers in Adelaide Hills with over 4,000 hectares of vineyards between them − plenty of room for liberating grapes into our RedHeads wines.

Our best Adelaide Hills wines

Adelaide Hills climate and soil

The Adelaide Hills wine region is one of the most elevated regions in Australia, with an altitude of 149-714m. Due to its elevation, Adelaide Hills is a cool climate region, but thanks to the various valleys and slopes, the west-facing slopes are warm enough to grow Cabernet Sauvignon.

The soil is a mixture of brown loamy sands with clay subsoils and sandy soils, helping to grow the region’s diverse variety of grapes.

Wine grapes grown in Adelaide Hills

The most planted grape in the Adelaide Hills wine region is Sauvignon Blanc, accounting for around a third of the grapes in the area. The other main varieties are Pinot Noir, Shiraz and Chardonnay. The cooler climate allows for the production of refreshing, citrus-aroma whites and aromatic reds with lighter bodies.