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Triumph for RedHeads Wine at Global Drinks Business Green Awards 2020

RedHeads Wine receives a prestigious ‘Commendation’ for its work on Renewable Energy

After a turbulent year, RedHeads Wine received a special mention and won a commendation for its work on renewable energy at the 2020 Drinks Business Green Awards – a true milestone for the winery!  

The Drinks Business Green Awards 2020 is the world’s largest programme to raise awareness of green issues in the drinks trade and recognise and reward those who are leading the way in sustainability and environmental performance. 

“We felt this company [RedHeads Wine] deserved commending for being 97% powered by self-generated and stored renewable energy from solar and storage batteries, leading to a saving of 22 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year. We also admired its ambition to be carbon neutral, and the steps it is taking to achieve that goal, including an extensive audit of its carbon emissions.” Patrick Schmitt MW Editor in Chief, The Drinks Business announced at the online ceremony at 3pm GMT time on December 7th

Alex Trescowthick, Winery Operations Manager is extremely pleased with the result.

“We are immensely proud of what we have achieved over the past year, contributing to a greener future for all. After winning the Drinks Business Green Awards for Waste-Water Management in 2019, we are so thrilled and honoured to be able to add this accolade to the winery.” He commented. 

“With the recent bush fires in Australia, we are painfully aware of the evidence for climate change and its potentially devastating consequences. To combat this, we built a new sustainable winery in the Barossa Valley in 2019, starting from just a greenfield site.” Alex continued.

Fast forward to present day and RedHeads is proud that the winery is now fully powered through 100% renewable sources. On-site RedHeads is 97% powered by self-generated and stored renewable energy with the remaining 3% energy sourced from a certified renewable energy source.  

Building the new winery from scratch gave RedHeads the opportunity to focus on accommodating premium winemaking as well as reducing its carbon footprint, waste, and environmental impact. For RedHeads, it is an ongoing movement towards sustainability that can inspire other wineries and industries to improve how they manage their waste and energy requirements.  

RedHeads by name, but GreenHeads by nature. 

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