Meet the crew

Darren Arney

Adelaide Hills, South Australia

This is a family operation in the Adelaide Hills that’s dedicated to grape quality through sustainable viticulture while the family as whole devote a lot of their time to charitable causes.

Darren’s vineyard is ion a site that reflects the best aspects of the Northern Rhône. It’s got some great altitude for the area (380m) with fresh breezes livening up the area. As you might know, the Northern Rhône has a pretty famous Shiraz/Viognier blend… so we searched for the local equivalent. We source Shiraz and Viognier from Darren but he also grows some Sangiovese and Gruner Veltliner.

The family’s social responsibility in the local area covers a wide range of those in need. Darren, his wife and children dedicate a lot of time to “those less fortunate, those who have suffered losses and setbacks, those who need an advocate to protect their livelihoods and wellbeing”.