Meet the crew

Matt and Deb Poole

Barossa, South Australia

Matt and Deb Poole

The Poole family – with Matt and Deb at the helm – are proud owners and operators of a vineyard based in Light Pass amongst the famous Barossa Valley wine region of South Australia.  The land and vineyard has been passed on through the generations of Deb’s family and their four children are sixth generation descendants. 

Matt and Deb have spent many years in the Barossa Valley and beyond, working in the wine industry – Matt as a Lab Technician/International Winemaker and Deb in Viticulture Administration; they also own a boutique wine agency in Port Douglas.

Thanks to the work and commitment of four Barossa generations before them, they were handed a gift – the family land that was first acquired in 1851 by Deb’s great, great Grandfather (Johann Sporn) and where our vineyard has been planted.  In true Barossa style, they intend to pass on the land and vineyard to their children to carry on the legacy.

As growers their philosophy is pretty simple: PAST, meet PROGRESS.  Thanks to all of their hard work, and that of the previous (and future) generations, PAST but PROGRESS is here to stay!

The vineyard itself is based on the “Valley Floor” and the North Para River runs through it.  The first of their Old Vine Shiraz was planted in 1954 and the vineyard has seen many different red and white varieties come and go over the years.  They currently specialise in Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir.

Although no longer owned by the family, the original homestead built by Johann Sporn still stands today and overlooks the vineyard.  It includes many old buildings, a heritage listed blacksmith shop and beautifully manicured gardens.  It was here where Deb and Matt were married.  Thirty years ago, Deb’s late Grandmother penned the Sporn family history, somewhat prophetically.  She concluded her contribution with the following:  “Where are the descendants of Johann Friedrich Sporn, born 1824 in Seifferdorf, Germany?  Will any of his great grandchildren return to his land and carry on their heritage?”  Well Great, Great Grandfather Johann – the answer is a resounding YES!