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Nobs and Snobs Malbec / Cabernet


It’s the Clash of the Classes: Malbec vs “Noble” Cabernet. From the idyllic landscape of the Clare Valley comes the battle of the ages.


On one side the wealthy nobles of the land – The Nobs – and on the other were the sans noblesse – then called The Snobs – those lacking the good fortune to be born into privilege.

They fought over the highly prized, stream of copper ore that was discovered in nearby Burra. The government put the mining rights up for tender – for the sum of £20,000. Whispers spread, such was the furore that this news made it all the way to the east coast. The locals feared their prize being stolen from under their noses so, (reluctantly) our local aristocrats and shopkeepers combined resources in order to cover the full cost.

With the land secured, both sides ended their temporary, uncomfortable, coalition. Battle lines were drawn in the split of their 20,000 acres of land.

History tells us the little guys won out. It was the local tradesmen who achieved incredible wealth beyond their wildest dreams while the noblemen suffered a much more ignominious fate…


  • 2016: 4x GOLDs
  • 2017: 4x GOLDs, 91 POINTS from Decanter
  • 2018: 4x GOLDS, 96 POINTS from Cairns Wine Awards, 91 POINTS: Mundus Vini 2019

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Grape Region

Clare Valley

Grape Variety

Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec

Product Range

Village Range



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