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Easter wine pairings – best wine to serve with lamb

An Easter feast deserves a fine bottle of wine no matter the meal (lamb, fish or nut roast). Here are our Easter wine pairings for any dish.
Easter wine pairings lamb guide

While a chocolate egg may be everyone’s favourite Easter gift, a good bottle of wine comes a close second. Whether you want the perfect partner for lamb, ham or another dish, or simply need a gift for the party host, wine is a great way to celebrate Easter and the arrival of spring.

Along with figuring out what to wear and who will be the designated driver (not me), finding the perfect bottle of wine for an Easter celebration can be difficult. Don’t simply pluck any old bottle of plonk from the supermarket shelf to hand over to your host – you’ll be more likely to get a well-deserved ‘good on ya’ if you choose a wine with a little more thought.

During Easter, food should be enjoyed and enhanced by the wine you choose. Be it meat, fish or veg, we are here to guide you along the path of perfect Easter wine pairings. Bon appétit!

Easter wine pairings

Easter is an excellent excuse for a shindig and having the ‘rellies’ over for a day of over-indulgence and wine. While you can opt for a variety of main meals to suit guests – anything from lamb to turkey, fish to veggie is fair game – if yours is a chocolate egg, we won’t judge.

Easter wine pairing table setting

You might want to choose a different wine for each course you serve or stock up on a few good bottles that suit any dish. Wine can be as versatile as the drinker, but if you’re struggling to choose from our carefully crafted selection of RedHeads wine, we’re here to help you with your Easter wine pairings.

Best wine to serve with lamb

Let’s start with an Easter wine pairing staple – lamb is a classic dish that needs a classic wine, but choosing the right wine with lamb can be challenging. For a lamb roast, a Cabernet Sauvignon takes the meat to the next level, with the bold tannins making the meat feel softer and more tender. If you’re opting to serve lamb pink, then a Pinot Noir is the one for you. A fresh Pinot Noir will balance the meat’s delicate flavour with decent acidity.

Wine with lamb

Our Catbird Seat Cabernet Sauvignon is the perfect wine to serve alongside lamb. The full-body enhances the tenderness of the meat, while the mint tasting notes make it a match made in heaven. The hints of blackcurrant jam, raspberry and spice sit nicely with the rich flavour of lamb, making each mouthful feel decadent.

Best wine to serve with turkey

Meat as delicate as turkey should be served with a medium-bodied red wine or a full-bodied white wine. A wine high in acidity is also suitable for the more complex flavours of a roast.

Wine with turkey at Easter

An oaky and spicy Chardonnay is perfect for turkey, and the creaminess of the wine can balance even the driest of meat (just don’t mention that in front of the in-laws). Our Harmonie Rox Chardonnay is the ideal pairing for turkey. A dry but creamy wine with citrus to cut through the spice notes. Hints of ripe peach and apple give a refreshing and fruity palette, enhancing the flavours of the meat.

Best wine to serve with ham

A gammon ham is a popular alternative to roast lamb for Easter lunch, with a sticky glaze arguably the best bit. One of the more popular glazes, marmalade, works best with a bright and fruity red, like a Shiraz. A Zinfandel could handle the heat with its sweetness and freshness if the glaze has some spice, usually from mustard.

Best wine with ham

We recommend our Dogs of Barossa Shiraz for its velvety fruitiness to balance out the saltiness of the ham. The full-bodied nature of the wine cuts through any fatty bits, and the ripe blackberry tasting notes go hand in hand with sweet glazes. Make this oaky, weighty wine your perfect lunch guest.

Best wine to serve with nut roast

The humble nut roast is the go-to veggie alternative for an Easter feast. The herby and spicy flavours of nut roast benefit from a Cabernet Sauvignon with its balance of dark fruit and notes of spice. Or a Chardonnay with fresh flavours of pear, nuts and apple to complement the nutty flavours.

The Red Sedan Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz blend features spicy vanilla oak notes that neatly balance the nut roast. The full-bodied quality of the wine elevates the dish, with berry notes cutting through the savoury and earthy mushroom flavour.

Best wine to serve with fish

Fish dishes lend themselves to a variety of different wines. Herb-crusted fish fillets suit the fresh, zesty flavours of a Sauvignon Blanc without overpowering the palette. Salmon dishes work best with rosés or sparkling wines as the bubbles balance out the fattiness in the fish.

Red wine with fish – it may seem a bit left field, but worth giving it the good ol’ home try. Our go-to is Coco Rôtie. This rare dark and elegant drop brings together smoky blackberry and dark, chocolate raspberry notes – perfect for fatty fish dishes such as salmon, tuna and swordfish. With this complex blend finished with 14 months in barrel, this classic Syrah Viognier won’t overpower the flavours of this dish but enhance it.

Celebrity chef Big Has certainly agrees: check out his pairing of Coco Rôtie with monkfish. Who said you couldn’t serve reds with fish? You’ll have your guests hook, line and sinker with this pairing.