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Mother’s Day gifts – best wine gifts for mum

Struggling to find perfect Mother's Day gifts? Check out our list of Mother’s Day wine gift ideas to show her how much you appreciate her.
Mothers Day gifts guide

Mum, Mummy, Ma, The Ol’ Cheese. Whatever you’ve called your beloved mother since you were an ankle biter, our ol’ mums deserve the world – which can make finding the perfect Mother’s Day present a tad tricky. Although we love our mum all year round, Mother’s Day is the day for us to go all out and show them how much we appreciate them and everything they’ve done. Our guide to the perfect Mother’s Day gifts can take the hard yacka out of the task of finding the ideal present.

An always-appreciated gift is a delicious bottle of wine. With an almost endless array of varieties, flavours and notes available, there’s something for every mum to enjoy. Whether she drinks it on Mother’s Day or saves it for another occasion, a gift of wine is the perfect way to toast your mum.

Mother’s Day wine gift ideas

But for some, handing over a bottle of wine in a DIY wine gift bag isn’t really going to hit the appreciation high notes. If that’s you, no worries. We’ve pulled together a few wine gift ideas that mum will love – from imaginative themed wine gifts to creating a proper pamper hamper.

Mother’s Day gift box – movie edition

For a low-key Mother’s Day celebration, why not indulge your mum with her favourite flicks and the ultimate home cinema experience as part of her Mother’s Day gifts?

Instead of paying for an overpriced popcorn combo and sitting through too many adverts at the cinema, you can easily throw together a box full of mum’s favourite snacks and queue up her Netflix favourites. Find a cute gift box, line with tissue paper and fill it with everything mum needs for the ultimate cinema experience – think gourmet popcorn and artisan chocolates. For an authentic taste of Aus and if you hunt them down, pile in Tim Tams, Cheezels and some cute Caramello Koalas.

If mum is as sweet in the tooth as in character, you could pair our silky, fruity and oh-so-berry delicious The Red Sedan Cabernet Sauvignon with a selection of pastries, fruits and sweet popcorn. But if mum’s more of a savoury gal, how about a cheese and charcuterie box with a choice of nuts and crackers (if you can find them, we recommend Chicken Crimpy Shapes) served with a bottle of our creamy, citrusy Harmonie Rox Chardonnay?

If you wanted to elevate the experience, download a cinema ticket template and fill it in for Mum – slip it into her Mother’s Day card and let her know there’s no entry without the ticket!

Wine picnic

Unlike Aus, we are not the luckiest with good weather here in the UK. But, when blessed with a blue sky and some early spring sunshine, it’s time to make the most of it. Rather than booking an afternoon tea in a fancy hotel lobby as a Mother’s Day present, soak up that sunshine with an easy-breezy outdoor affair.

Prep a selection of sarnies (you can buy them if you want – we won’t tell), wrap up a bottle of our juicy Wilson Gunn Pax blend and make an easy and delicious fruit salad out of all of mum’s favourites. Pack into a picnic basket, and don’t forget the glasses, picnic blanket, warm coat and umbrella!

Even if your garden is the only green space you’ve got, you can still enjoy some quality time outdoors without the worry of carrying your picnic basket for too long. And at least it’ll be quick to dash if (when) it rains.

Matching wine and flowers

Flowers and wine are the obvious Mother’s Day gifts for good reason (who doesn’t love wine and flowers?), but what if you upped your gift-giving game a notch?

DIY wine gift bag

Many wines have floral tasting notes like hibiscus and rose petals, so matching a wine’s tasting notes to the Mother’s Day flowers you’ve bought is a great way to get the most out of both gifts. For example, a bouquet of roses would make a delicious pairing with a bottle of our chocolatey Coco Rôtie Syrah Viognier, or an elegant potted orchid gifted with a bottle of our refreshing Harmonie Rox Chardonnay.

Taste and smell are closely related since your nose and mouth are close together, and scents play an essential role in enhancing flavours. Our wines are already delicious on their own, but imagine how mouthwatering they could be with the right flowers nearby.

Mother’s Day wine and pamper hamper

Mums probably have too little time for themselves, so why not give yours the gift of some downtime and self-care?

Mothers Day wine gift ideas

Regardless of how your mum likes to relax – taking a long bath, chilling on the couch with a good book, or giving herself a fresh set of nails, she deserves to have that time, so why not give her a helping hand with her Mother’s Day presents? Think of it as back pay for all the noise when you were a nipper!

Pull together all her favourite lotions and potions into a gift basket, create a relaxing atmosphere with some scented candles and spa music, and serve up a bottle of our delicious wine for her to sip while she chills. We have a perfect selection of reds and whites to fit all tastes, so whatever your mum likes the most, we’ve got her covered.