Grape Varieties


Riesling is an aromatic white grape variety that produces floral white wines with high acidity. Originating in the Rhine region of Germany, the grapes have found a second home in Australia, with the first Riesling vines planted in the early 19th Century. Light and delicate, not many can match the highly refreshing white wines that this grape variety produces.

Where is Riesling grown?

The grape variety grows well in cooler to moderate climates.

While predominantly grown in its native Germany, the Riesling grape variety has had a serious foothold in Australia for decades.

Australian regions producing Riesling include:

  • Clare Valley
  • Eden Valley
  • Barossa Valley

Other regions worldwide have taken a liking to Riesling, with USA and Austria planting a significant amount of the grape.

Riesling wine style and character

Typical Riesling wines are pale greenish yellow to light golden yellow, light to medium-bodied with high acidity and relatively low in alcohol.

Riesling can be both dry and off-dry in style. Riesling’s dry style is all about citrus; from lime to grapefruit, the wine will pop with a tangy flavour. The off-dry styles are sweeter which delivers peach, guava and honey notes.

One of the nine noble white grape varieties, it is not hard to see why Riesling is so popular. The thin-skinned white grapes make fresh, almost perfumed wines with punchy fruit and mineral tones.

Our best Riesling wines

Tasting notes

Wines produced with Riesling grapes are known for their crispy notes of orchard fruits like green apples, nectarines and apricots. Riesling wines also feature flavours of lime, honey and jasmine.

Stunningly citrusy and floral, Riesling wines are excellent summer wines, but they’re also just as great in the winter!

Food pairings

Riesling wines pair well with many dishes, but they’re an absolute hit when it comes to fish. The dash of sweetness in off-dry Riesling wines matches perfectly with fish curry or other spicy foods such as tandoori chicken and pad Thai.

The dry style pairs well with smoked or cured fish like salmon and trout. Riesling wines also offer a lovely contrast to saucy dishes like creamy garlic chicken.

How to serve

Riesling wines should always be served chilled. The ideal temperature is 3-7°C. Riesling wines are best served in smaller wine glasses to preserve the wine’s delicate floral and fruity aromas.